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To give you a quote for your Sky Banner or Sky Sign, we need some simple details:

Where you would like it flown with the postcode? This is important as it makes a big difference to the cost in terms of where the nearest aircraft is based. There are only five of these specially modified aircraft in the country and if you happen to be close to one of them your flight will be much cheaper than having one fly from one side of the country to the other.

Is it an ordinary letter banner you are interested in or a big digital skysign and do tell us the date you would like it to fly together with any special instructions or requests you might think of.

To help us with a really accurate quote, you can visit Google Maps, type in your postcode and then send us the web address URL from your browser that shows the position of the place that you want the display. It's always a good idea to check that the postcode is actually over the same geographic point that you want. On rare occasions we have discovered that it can be a half mile out!

About Airads


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits that our services can offer your organization or tailor a special advertising programme for your specific needs. There is, of course, no obligation, so call us today on 07836 530446 or 01843 836439.

Receive more mileage from your advertising budget by adding a special touch that will stay with the public for long after the advertisment has gone. The unique appeal of an aerial banner can make the difference in an effective advertising campaign. Moving across the sky in giant letters or huge billboard, your message becomes an attraction, not a distraction, of the outdoor scene.

It is 'live', dynamic and demands attention. When a plane banner appears overhead, people instinctively gaze at it from curiosity, they don't change stations, or run to the kitchen for a snack! And throughplane banners you can reach people when they're away from the other media, on the beach, at the golf course, at the shopping centre, stuck in a traffic jam or even in their own back garden.

Vat Reg 562 0328 66 .

Flight Information


On the day, visit these websites for a good idea of the prevailing aviation weather conditions:

  1. Local wind speeds
  2. Satellite weather view
  3. Aviation forecasts

Flight safety is always our paramount concern and so if the visibility is poor or the windspeeds are excessive, the flight may have to be re-scheduled.

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