Captain Snap's Aerial Photography Services


AIRADS sheet banners are large and impressive. Sheet banners are custom made aerial advertising signs that fly with no letters attached, and can be up to 20ft tall and 70ft long a massive 1,400 square feet (120 sq metres).

Sheet sky banners have computer enhanced artwork, contain vibrant colours and are large with big impact.

Calling on our own aircraft we can offer aerial photography for both commerical and domestic applications. Our clients include major construction companies, nuclear facilities, The Daily Mail and The Sun Newspapers as well as many other local and national publications in both the public and private sectors.

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Captain Snap's Aerial Photography Services


Captain Snap's cost are very competitive. We charge £160 +VAT per aircraft flying hour and a further £100 +VAT for digital photographs of the area or site required by the client. Used to working to newspaper deadlines, the client can normally expect the results, by email, within two hours of landing.

Flight Information


On the day, visit these websites for a good idea of the prevailing aviation weather conditions:

  1. Local wind speeds
  2. Satellite weather view
  3. Aviation forecasts

Flight safety is always our paramount concern and so if the visibility is poor or the windspeeds are excessive, the flight may have to be re-scheduled.