Smart Letter Banners


AIRADS' letter banners and skysigns are typically five feet (1.75 metres) tall. Individual letters are in red or black bonded together by a fibre pole.

They are proven to be very effective for short, impactful messages.

Immediate Response


Turnaraound time on letter banners is very prompt. Order a display in the morning and based in Kent, within 30 minutes of London, we can often fly the sky sign display around M25 the same afternoon! (If you require an aircraft to display your message over central London, please enquire).

Unmissable Messaging


We can tow up to 32 characters (5ft /1.5m) in ta single letter banner display. These characters are black or red in colour for best visibility. Our 7ft letters are also available if for greater visual impact but demand a shorter message.

Flight times run from launch to drop (except under special circumstances) and prices may adjust according to the day of the week, holidays, special events etc, or quoted on basis of a route or circuit, rather than time.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits that our aerial advertising services can offer your organization or tailor a special programme for your specific needs. There is, of course, no obligation.

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