Smart Letter Banners


Airads Aerial Marketing can add great value to your own marketing campaign using SMS text message response numbers towed behind your banner.

The latest generation of mobile phones now support a variety of advanced features which include rich text, graphics and Web page links.

Advanced Digital Technology


With its special software tools and partnership with a leading SMS technology provider, Airads can create a powerful text message response page. This combines the latest advanced digital telephony features and can offer both coupon fulfilment and capture the numbers of all callers, a useful feature for both measuring the success of any marketing message and entering callers into an automatic prize draw.

Great Value Marketing


Set-up costs for a campaign are highly competitive and around £500 +VAT. If required, adjustments and edits to your marketing or information campaign can be applied in minutes, even when the aircraft is in the air!

With an Airads campaign, your company, event or product will last longer in their minds and become an 'attraction' and not a 'distraction'.

Try out this service now: Text "PLANE" to 80012.

Devise your campaign


AIRADS can display and aerial advertisment almost anywhere. Above shopping centres, the Reading Festival, Brands Hatch, around towns and cities, along packed beaches and busy motorways and much more.

Visitors on recorded trips to the south-east of England was nearly 16 million in 2003, with a total spending capacity of £1.7 billion.

Client Testimonials


“Thank you for your help with our 250,000th visitor celebrations at the Spinnaker Tower, the banner looked excellent against the amazingly blue sky and really completed an excellent day’s events – I will certainly call on you again in future!’."

Heather Deeley, Marketing Manager, Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Reach A Larger Audience


Reach the Largest Possible Audience with an Airads Plane Banner and an SMS Response

Say It With Style


Aerial banners grab the public's attention. Imagine an audience free from all other advertising distractions other than your own advertisement.

Case Study


A recent example of such an SMS message response mechanism was used by the Leicester Tigers.

View how they incorportated their campaign into their website here.