Our Products


Entry Package

Competitively priced and ideal for short, attention-catching announcements and personal messages. This is flown using our standard composite, five feet high letter display. Up to 32 characters (including spaces) and is included in the £595 +VAT hourly display charge.

Intermediate Split Banner Package

Mixing the impact of a colourful digital design with an interchangeable letter message at a competitive price. This involves the one-off cost of a custom-design sheet logo, approximately 15 feet high and 35 feet wide, with trailing five foot letters.

Standard Sky-Sign Package

One of our most popular corporate and brand awareness advertising packages, this consists of a bespoke, high-resolution digital banner from the client's artwork of approximately 15' - 20' high and 55' - 65' wide. An aircraft banner of this size is light enough to be displayed by one of our conventional tow aircraft at the standard hourly rate.

Premium Sky Banner Package

Top of the range in aircraft banner displays; for corporate brand awareness campaigns, involves a huge, digital skybanner/skysign of up to 1,200 square feet from your design. More powerful aircraft are used for banners of this size and so fuel and display charges are proportionately greater.

Our Aircraft


Our single-engine aircraft fleet can tow up to 32 characters in a letter banner. or if size matters, a sheet banner up to a massive 2,000 square feet of sign, printed to your own design!

These can cost between £995 and £2200 +VAT depending on size and digital artwork requirements, so please enquire.

Target Your Audience


AirAds is based very close to London, the M25, M20, M23 and M2 motorways, making it ideally placed to capture large audiences on the roads and large crowds in shopping centres such as Bluewater and along the southern and eastern beaches in the summer months.

Other Banners


Duration Cost Rate

  • 1 hour displaying an aircraft banner with a starting price of £595 +VAT. Positioning charge to the nearest airfield: £175 +VAT per flying hour. Not all locations available. Please inquire with postcode.
  • Additional discounts are available for long term contracts
  • Our rates include all costs of operation, based on use of standard equipment. Prices of special equipment such as non-standard characters, non-standard colours, custom logo, and billboards are available on request.
  • Flight display times run from banner launch to drop (except under special circumstances).
  • Prices may adjust according to peak season times, after 6pm, weekends, holidays, special events etc, or quoted on basis of a route or circuit, rather than time.
  • When you enquire, please tell us where you plan to fly the banner, as location and travel distance can have a significant impact on the final cost. Aviation fuel is expensive!